台湾 台北を拠点にする独立型出版レーベル Niu Niu Press 第一弾リリースは東京Kenny Sanderson率いるノイズユニットLIKE WEEDS と 米国マサチューセッツ州ピッツフィールド出身、LIMBS BINとしても知られる JOSH LANDESにのsplit 12inch LIKE WEEDS 1. PORTON DOWN https://niuniupress.bandcamp.com/track/porton-down JOSH LANDES 1, Burning White Elephants https://niuniupress.bandcamp.com/track/burning-white-elephants LIKE WEEDS / JOSH LANDES "A Broken Portion" split 12" 45rpm NNP001 released July 17 2021 NIU NIU PRESS 牛牛出版 Side A LIKE WEEDS 1. PORTON DOWN 2. THREE DAY LEAVE Recorded in Shinjuku, Tokyo December 2020 - January 2021. Side B JOSH LANDES 1, Burning White Elephants Recorded in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in January 2021. Thanks to Joe, Kenny, Allison, Harry & Sun Ra. Special thanks to Dan Greenwood, Josh used Greenwood Electronics on this album. "Without love in the dream it will never come true" Mastered for vinyl by Grant Richardson Photography / Layout by Joseph Mauro Pressing of 200 copies Black Vinyl 12" insert. Self Sufficiently and proudly pressed in Taiwan by Mobineko. "A BROKEN PORTION" LIKE WEEDS / JOSH LANDES split LP is the inaugural release from Niu Niu Press based in Taipei, Taiwan. 12" 45rpm the noise are jumping off the vinyl. side A by LIKE WEEDS (Tokyo JP), one of the true kings of harsh noise is 2 tracks of Minimal Rhythmic noise, nuanced with military chemical testing voice recording samples and heavy steady kick drums. With Layers of harsh synths and aggravation, executed so smoothly. Side B by JOSH LANDES who hails from PIttsfield Massachusetts USA, also known as LIMBS BIN, another true king of harsh noise is a 13 min long deep harsh and beautiful banger. All created with Greenwood Electronics. This release is from a different part of his brain. Usually as Limbs Bin he is making 20 second electronic noise grind tracks with harsh vocals and relentless hyper speed blast beats. As Josh Landes he explores deep, complex noise landscapes, even with no vocals he creates a narrative while you listen. Japan / New England USA / Taiwan come together for this LP. This LP is for the HARSH HEADS, made by HARSH HEADS. ALL UK CUSTOMERS PLEASE ORDER THROUGH INDUSTRIAL COAST instagram @industrialcoast EXCLUSIVE UK DISTRIBUTOR OF NIU NIU PRESS RELEASES